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Standard Cement Materials, Inc. located in Chappell Hill, is a corporation in good standing with the state of Texas. Founded in 1990,  SCM is a Minority Business Vendor Enterprise, a cement manufacturer and construction materials distributor. Operating as a distributor, the firm provides a variety of construction supplies including: packaged cements, expansion and contraction joint systems, repair products and joint sealing materials, a variety of concrete restoration products, safety, chemical grout, and injection equipment, secondary containment coatings for concrete and steel structures, and technical consulting services.

While working with the City of Houston’s Engineering Section leaders, the corporation developed the current sewer manhole repair procedure and specification known as the Standard Lining System. This process has grown to become the preferred method, as compared, to the more dominant and destructive removal and replacement alternatives. This procedure is used nationwide to repair thousands of manholes across the Southwest, and from Alaska to New York and down to Mexico City.  It uses EPA Verified Materials: the structural, Standard Lining System is a composite repair process for making maintenance repairs in concrete and masonry brick manholes, and Fiberglas structures. The total rehabilitation process consists of applying a recognized structural cement mortar and an enhanced EPA verified [NSF/ Water Quality Control Center] epoxy coating material, both applied by trained, certified applicators using manufacturer approved equipment.

Credentials and References

General Contractor

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Project Reference

Lift Station Rehabilitation

Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation

Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation

Water Plant Digester Rehabilitation

Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Northside Relief Tunnel Rehabilitation

East Water Purification Plant

Sanitary Sewer Junction Box Rehabilitation

Upper East Fork Interceptor

Corrugated Metal Pipe Rehabilitation

*US DOT Project Approvals – Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida*



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