Certified Installers


Standard Cement Materials has an extensive network of certified applicators nationwide.

Only Certified Applicators shall apply the standard lining system. The applicator shall be trained in the specific storage requirements, handling, mixing, and application of the materials. The work shall be managed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.  The applicator shall hold a manufacturer’s certification and maintain an honest business relationship with the corporation; and perform the work including cleaning of the repair area, preparation of the materials, installation of the materials, and testing of the materials in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Contact us for a certified applicator in your area.


Applicator Equipment

This multi-component combination is ideals for quick access and rear easement repairs.  Its superior design withstands the harshest weather condition and delivers the greatest production rates in half the time of competetive pumps.


The Sewer Manhole Master Repair Trailer is the toughest, easiest to use trailer for performing close-up sewer manhole repairs. This trailer package features the combined strengths of street level on-the-spot repairs, adjustable rotor-stator cement pumping technology, 18 HP electric start gasoline engine dependability.  City Approved Water Gap Systems and 300 foot hose reel retrieval system for cleaning.  These components come together to create the most extreme features in a trailer that result in lower ownership cost and manufacturers quality you can count on.


Standard Cement Materials fabricates specialty rigs and trailers for applying cement and epoxy lining systems.


This equipment is specifically designed to enhance performance, quality and efficiency of service. Our equipment is tried and true. We offer preventive maintenance and equipment repair services. On-site technical support available upon request.



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